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Semaphore Hotel in Semaphore (Adelaide)

Towns and suburbs close to Semaphore (Adelaide) | Hotels in Semaphore (Adelaide)
Towns and suburbs close to Semaphore (Adelaide) | Hotels in Semaphore (Adelaide)

Semaphore Hotel

Semaphore Hotel

"The owner of the original Semaphore Hotel, which was built as a spa resort, created a signal station which would tell ships when it was high tide so they could come in. His signal station was called a semaphore and this is why the town is named Semaphore.

The Semaphore Hotel was the first hotel in Semaphore before two other hotels moved in - The Exeter and The Federal.

The original Semaphore Hotel was built with rendered masonry and The Semaphore Hotel was first opened in 1867 and was located on the Esplanade.

The current The Semaphore Hotel has 25 rooms. It was 2 storeys and then a third storey was added to the hotel in 1920 to the rear.

The first owner of the Semaphore Hotel was a person named M. Manson.

The Semaphore Hotel has always been a hotel and hopefully will stay as a hotel forever."

Semaphore Hotel

Semaphore Hotel

Photo: 14/01/2008
Photo submitted by Peter Simpfendorfer, Many Thanks

- Information Courtesy Semaphore and Largs bay Heritage Connections Author s Jerico and Thomas. many Thanks

[street view]
17 Semaphore Road,
South Australia 5019
08 8449 4662

Semaphore Hotel

Photo: 21/08/1998.
Photo submitted by Jon Graham, Many Thanks

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