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Nindigully has a population of 6, yet the Pub does a roaring trade thanks to its popularity as an outback destination and events like the 4,000 strong new years eve party.
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Warrego Hotel

Warrego Hotel The Warrego Hotel was built in 1913 from mud brick it is thought to be the only Pub in Australia still standing that is constructed from mud bricks. The Warrego Hotel stands on the site of the old Salmon Ford Pub which was a...

[street view]
16 Aubrey St
Fords Bridge
New South Wales 2840
02 6874 7877
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Information on Fords Bridge, NSW 2840

Fords Bridge lies between Green Creek and the Warrego River north-west from Bourke.

Fords Bridge features a local museum, some rustic buildings and the Warrego Hotel with a population of between four and six.

A campers and anglers destination.

The Warrego Pub is likely the only mud brick pub left operating in Australia

Poet, Henry Lawson, passed through here when he walked from Bourke to Hungerford.

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