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Former Archer Hotel in Rockhampton

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Former Archer Hotel

The Archer Hotel, previously known as the Balmoral Hotel, had remained closed since the floods of 2011 forced the closure of it's doors.
The abandoned hotel caught fire on 1st January 2018, and it burned to the ground.

The timber and iron buildings history started in the late 1800's with a bar downstairs & accommodation upstairs.
In the 1900's the pub often attracted Rockhamptons cyclists who raced between the Port Curtis and places as far as Gladstone

At it's prime, the Archer Hotel was a regular watering hole for the workers at the adjacent Hastings Deering plant.

The hotel changed hands for the first time on the 12th of January, 1989 when it was sold to the Melit family for a reported price of $358,000 who held the ownership for nearly 10 years.
In 1988 the hotel was sold to Mr James Murphy in 2004, followed by the Ferrys in 2004 who reportedly bought it for a steel at $150,000; only to sell it again in 2007 for $510,000.

Historical records reveal that the pub survived through several major floods, including the 1890 deluge where 2096mm of rain fell; but it was the historic flood of 2011 in which the hotel sustained irreparable damage which force the last owner Dean Crocker to close it's doors forever.

The abandoned pub went on the market in May 2017 as part of a liquidation sale, which saw the price of the property dropped to $150,000.

140 Port Curtis Road
Port Curtis
QLD, 4700

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