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Nindigully has a population of 6, yet the Pub does a roaring trade thanks to its popularity as an outback destination and events like the 4,000 strong new years eve party.
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Hotels in Waratah, Tasmania

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Bischoff Hotel

The historic Bischoff Hotel is an Edwardian-style grand-dame overlooking a stunning waterfall in Waratah. It was built in 1902 from stone and Huon pine. This town boasted the richest tin mine[Mt. Bischoff] in the world during the late 1800's...

[street view]
20 Main Street,
Tasmania 7321
03 64391188
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Waratah Falls

Photo courtesy of Loredana Tonello-Scott, 2016
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Waratah was constructed to support a tin mine at Mount Bischoff. The town is built at the top of a waterfall, and water was diverted from the stream to provide water for the mine.

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