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Nindigully has a population of 6, yet the Pub does a roaring trade thanks to its popularity as an outback destination and events like the 4,000 strong new years eve party.
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Hotels in Dennington, Victoria

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Shamrock Hotel

Shamrock Hotel

[street view]
111 Drummond St
Victoria 3280
03 5562 5725
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Information on Dennington, VIC 3280

Fonterra Factory, Largest in the world 1911
Photo 19/01/2009
Photo and information submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Dennington, an industrial town on the outskirts of Warrnambool, is likely best remembered as the original home of Nestle, renowned for chocolate.

But the commercial site is now home to Fonterra, and the operation there has actually been tied up with the production of condensed milk, ever since it was first built as the largest condensed milk factory in the world, back in 1911.

But of course, the local Shamrock Hotel ensures there's a balanced range of beverages to be had in the town.

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