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The first Community Hotel to operate in the British Empire was the Renmark Hotel in South Australia.
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Hotels in Doncaster (Melbourne), Victoria

Towns and suburbs close to Doncaster (Melbourne) | Hotels in Doncaster (Melbourne)
Towns and suburbs close to Doncaster (Melbourne) | Hotels in Doncaster (Melbourne)

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Hotel Shoppingtown

Hotel Shoppingtown The Hill upon which the huge Doncaster Shoppingtown (shopping centre) complex is built, these days with high rise apartments opposite, can often hide a great hotel that has been quenching the thirst of locals living north...

[street view]
13- 21 Williamsons Rd,
Victoria 3108
03 9848 6811
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Information on Doncaster (Melbourne), VIC 3108

The shopping centre is pictured here.
Photo April 2008
Photo submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Doncaster Shoppingtown is one of the original major satellite shopping centres built in the suburbs of Melbourne, and includes the Westfield Tower which houses professional business suites.

The shopping centre continues to expand and expand, with a number of additions having been made over the years. Many of the major shopping chains are represented here.

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