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The first Community Hotel to operate in the British Empire was the Renmark Hotel in South Australia.
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Hotels in Wickepin, Western Australia

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Wickepin Hotel

The Wickepin Hotel was built in 1909 on the main street of a burgeoning town at the end of the railway line serving locals and farming communities to the east. 100 years later and the building has stood the test of time, in 2015 the Bird family,...

[street view]
34 Wogolin Rd,
WA 6370
08 9888 1192
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Information on Wickepin, WA 6370

Wickepin is located 214 kilometres south-east of Perth and 38 kilometres east of Narrogin.

Until 1908, the area was sometimes known as Yarling, the name of a spring in the area (Yarling Well is 8 km west of the town).
In 1908, plans were announced to extend the railway from Narrogin to Wickepin, and the town was gazetted in June of that year.

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