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Former Mt Pleasant Hotel in Moolboolaman

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Former Mt Pleasant Hotel

Former MT Pleasant Hotel

"Hello I own the former MT pleasant hotel moolboolaman in qld about an hour from bundy .

The Hotel was opened around 1888 and closed in 1908 it had been in the Lewis family until 1997 and then was sold to the Barnes then we bought of them .

It still remains on its original land grant of 148 acres and we have spent the last almost 5 years restoring it and running it as a cattle farm.

It is the forgotten hotel as the town of Gin Gin which is 15 km remembers the other pioneer homesteads/hotels bar this one. It was granted to William Thomas Lewis on the 20th of DEC 1880 a land grant of 148 acres and was purchased by me Debora Lewis 20th DEC 2002 . We are no relation.

Just a funny thing I used to live in nsw and when the Breadlebane pub was closing I had the last Jim beam and coke there we were on our way to Wee Jasper and called in and that was about Easter 1988."

Debora Lewis

Former Mt Pleasant Hotel

Former Mt Pleasant Hotel

Photo submitted October 2007
Photo and Information Submitted by Debora Lewis. Many Thanks

Thanks Debora. It is terrific when the history of a brilliant former Pub building is researched and kept alive by the later owners. I bet it saw some interesting things in the 20 years it was open. ed

More Information and photos

1892 Mt Pleasant Hotel

Photos submitted by Debora Lewis. Many Thanks

Photo from a Government archive. Its 1892 Mt Pleasant Hotel and the founders are sitting on the porch and horse back. There was enough of them to field their own cricket team so they say. - Debora

William Thomas Lewis and family founders of Mt Pleasant Hotel

Photos submitted by Debora Lewis. Many Thanks

View from outside of the Kitchen

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