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The Great Aussie loop Pub Trail

Pub Trails:

An index of Pub Trail destinations around Oz. Linking all the Aussie pub trails by showing you all the pivot towns we've chosen, will help you go from one trail to another.

With the powerful mapping and cross referencing available on the website, you can plan your journey around Australia. We've done all the hard work for you, in identifying some easy to find, pivot towns that help you avoid the busy capital cities. You can simply travel from one pivot town to another, working your way around Australia.

This article is a summary of those pivot towns, and all pub trails that run through them can be seen by:

As new Pub Trails are introduced, be sure to refresh your last view of these pages, and get the latest information on the towns, hotels and pub trails covered.

Happy Pub-Trailing!


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Gaz's Tip:

Travellers should be aware, that there is a fuel efficient way to go around Australia. It is to travel anti-clockwise to take advantage of the winds - particularly over the Nullarbor Plains. This is most relevent for caravanners doing the big runs for a few months. But for shorter Pub Trail excursions of course, it makes little difference, and so, despite the above tip, the sequence of listings assume a clockwise direction.

Whilst on the top of planning, be sure to look at the Outback preparation articles to make your Pub Trail journeys a safe one. Gaz's Gear outlines some great check-lists and provides answers to a lot of those camping and travelling questions to make sure you've got all the right gear for your trips!

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The Great Aussie loop Pub Trail Location Map

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